Clyde and Greers Road intersection improvements

We're planning improvements to the Clyde and Greers Road intersection to make it way safer for everyone.

Project status: Report available
Open for feedback: 20 September 2022 to 4 October 2022

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Consultation has now closed

Consultation on Clyde and Greers Road intersection improvements has now closed. People were able to provide feedback from 20 September 2022 to 4 October 2022.

During this time we heard from seven individuals and groups. You can read their feedback [PDF, 644 KB] and read the staff recommendation(external link) as part of the agenda for the Waimāero Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board meeting.

The Community Board meeting details are as follows:

Date: Monday 12 December 2022
Time: 4.30 pm
Venue: Boardroom, Fendalton Service Centre, Corner Jeffreys and Clyde Roads, Fendalton

This is a public meeting and you are welcome to attend.

Way safer for everyone

This busy intersection is used by vehicles, buses, cyclists and pedestrians and there have been a number of injury crashes. We want to make changes, so everyone can get where they are going, safely.  

We’re supporting Road to Zero - New Zealand’s road safety strategy for 2020-2030.

We need to create a safe transport system; one that recognises humans make mistakes and is designed so that these mistakes do not need to cost us our lives.

 What we are doing

  • Building out the kerbs on Clyde Road at the Greers Road intersection to improve visibility for drivers exiting Clyde Road, and reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians.
  • Adding a pedestrian refuge island on Greers Road, making it safer for pedestrians and providing a level of traffic calming on the approach to the intersection.
  • Relocating the bus stop and bus shelter on the south side of Greers Road to allow room for the pedestrian refuge island and for buses to enter and exit the bus stops safely. We will also be marking both bus stops on the road.
  • Extending and marking the existing cycle lanes.
  • Installing no stopping restrictions between 173 and 191 on the north side of Greers Road and between Clyde Road and Jellie Park on the south side. This is to ensure the cycle lanes, bus stop entry and exits and the new crossing facility can all be provided safely.
  • Refreshing existing road markings.

If approved, construction will start by the end of June 2023.


Click here to download the plan [JPG, 1 MB]



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Who to contact

Krystle Anderson,
Engagement Advisor

How the decision is made

  • Report available