New Linwood Pool - draft layout

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We are seeking feedback on the layout of the new Linwood Pool before a final design is presented to the Community Board for approval.

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 8th December 2018 - 17th December 2018

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Release of pool layout

We are excited to now be able to release the layout of the new Linwood pool complex.  We have used all the information we have collected from the Linwood aspirations project(external link) and the previous consultation on where the pool should go to come up with these sketches.  

These initial sketches will help you understand the types of spaces we have included and what activities you will be able to do at the pool.  Plans with more detail and exact pool and lane sizes will be created when we further develop these plans into concept plans.  The more detailed concept plans will then also be available for the community to view in 2019.  It will be these plans that the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board will have presented to them for approval. 

Once we have approved plans the project can then go out for tender so it can then be awarded to a contractor to build.  Once a contractor is on board will will be able to confirm the time frames for when construction will commence in 2020.

Linwood Pool layout

What is included in the design?

The project has a budget of $21 million and is proposed to include a:

  • 25 metre lane swimming pool (also includes a deep water area that can be used for bombing and inflatable play)
  • Family spa pool
  • Learn to swim pool
  • Toddlers pool
  • Water deck next to the toddler pool

Swimming lane

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We have included a 25 metre lane swimming pool.  The lane set up can be amended to allow multi-use.  This means the deep water area can also be used for bombing or for inflatable toy play too, at the same time as the lane swimming.

Family spa pool

There is one family spa pool included in the plans.

Learn to swim pool

We received lots of feedback from the community about how important it was to  have a pool for learning to swim in, so this separate pool has been included in the plan.

Toddlers pool

A pool for toddlers to use has also been included in the design to give the smaller children some confidence around the water.

Water deck

Next to the toddlers pool is a water deck area, this is where further water activated play equipment is available for children to use.

Meeting rooms 

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Space has been provided for the community to use as meeting areas and includes:

  • Large community room
  • Small community room
  • Storage
  • A kitchen
  • Reception area

Space has also been allowed for a future external change room to be added to the facility.  There is not enough funding to provide the change room yet.

Outdoor areas

These areas include:

  • An outdoor gathering area near Linwood Park with picnic tables and other seating
  • Outdoor tennis and basketball courts
  • Lots of bike stands
  • Lots of car parking
  • Informal lawn areas between the building and the sports courts .


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