We want to improve the popular Naval Point marine and recreation area, which is an important facility for Lyttelton, Christchurch and wider Canterbury.

Vkiew of Naval Point and Lyttelton Harbour

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As one of the few all-tide water access points for Christchurch, the aim is to make Naval Point a great place for people to enjoy being on, or close to, Whakaraupō/Lyttelton Harbour and to improve the site for the many groups who are already based there.

Funding of $10.65 million was set aside through the 2018–2028 Long Term Plan for a Naval Point Development Plan, which will guide Council and other stakeholders and users of the site about the future development and opportunities within the area.

Work is currently being carried out to create the draft plan, which will be presented to the community at open information sessions once complete. The draft plan will go to the Banks Peninsula Community Board for approval, with the public able to make deputations to the board.

The plan also requires Council approval on aspects such as the Magazine Bay Marina and the acquisition of land.

Naval Point’s development will have a staged approach over several years due to funding availability.

The need for a Naval Point Development Plan was first identified through the Lyttelton Master Plan 2012 and again in the Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan 2015.

After a lot of discussion with key stakeholders and users of the site, two development options(external link) were consulted on in July 2019 – with one clearly preferred by the community based on submissions received.

The preferred option (Option 2), which proposed Council acquire a 1.2 hectare piece of land to give the site better configuration for development, is now being refined and is the basis for the Draft Naval Point Development Plan. The community will be able to have their say on the draft plan during 2020, when it goes out for public consultation.

Staff are currently preparing the draft plan and continuing with further investigations relating to Naval Point, including a possible location of a haul-out area for Whakaraupō/Lyttelton Harbour that will provide positive environmental outcomes in line with the Whaka-Ora Healthy Harbour Plan(external link).

They are also continuing to look at how additional land needed for the development could be acquired, what can be done to improve marine safety and having ongoing discussions with the Lyttelton Sea Scout Group about the location of their den house.

Staff are taking into consideration access to the site and the bulk liquid storage tanks located nearby when creating the draft plan and what the final configuration of Naval Point will be.

Who we're talking to

Naval Point and Magazine Bay is the home to Naval Point Club Lyttelton, Coastguard Canterbury, public boating facilities and a range of other community-based organisations.

The site is also used by many other recreational water sports including powerboats, trailer sailors, dinghies, windsurfers, wakas, stand up paddle boarders and swimmers and is significant to Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke, mana whenua for the area.

How people will give feedback 

The Council has been talking to the above different groups gathering information for the preparation of the draft development plan. These groups, and the wider public, will be able to give feedback on the plan at public information sessions and by making deputations to the Banks Peninsula Community Board when the draft plan goes to it for approval.

Following approval by the Community Board, the plan will go to the Council for approval on aspects such as the long-term future of the Magazine Bay Marina, land acquisition and the haul out facility.

Repairs on Naval Point’s Magazine Bay Marina started at the end of 2019, while work continues to progress on the wider development plan for the whole area.

The repairs are needed to keep the structure safe and are being carried out on two walkways. They involve the replacement of piles, beams and deck planks, as well as other additional work.

Repairs are expected to be completed during 2020 and will allow current berth holders to remain at this part of the marina until a decision on its long-term future is made by elected Council members.

Public consultation on two development options for the wider Naval Point area which ran in July 2019 did not include the marina, although both options proposed retaining a small portion of it as a jetty for community use.

Naval Point is an important marine and recreational asset for Lyttelton and the region and one of the few all-tidewater access points for Christchurch.

The condition of the existing site is no longer adequate due to increasing demands from users and the wider public and we have been working with the community to establish how the site should be developed.

Engagement to find out what the community wants for the area was carried out in 2017(external link) and 2018 through drop-in sessions, site surveys, Have Your Say consultation and discussions with user groups. A series of background reports have also been carried out on Naval Point in recent years, assessing the area for things such as cultural values, risks, archaeological significance and how it fits into the greater plan for sport in Greater Christchurch.

Two development options were then consulted on in July 2019(external link), with one clearly preferred by the community based on submissions received. The preferred option, which proposes Council acquiring a 1.2 hectare piece of land to give the site better configuration for development, is now being refined and will become the basis for the draft Naval Point Development Plan.

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