Uni-Cycle Major Cycle Route: proposed 30km/hr speed limit

As part of the installation of Major Cycle Routes, some sections of these routes are proposed to be constructed as neighbourhood greenways. To allow for a safe shared space bikes and vehicles, a reduced speed is proposed.

Project status: Report available
Open for feedback: 30th May 2017 - 20th June 2017



Consultation on the Uni-Cycle Major Cycle Route: proposed 30km speed limit was undertaken from Tuesday 30 May 2017 to Tuesday 20 June 2017.  A total of 47 submissions were received during that period. Of these submissions, 31 supported the proposed speed reduction, 6 generally supported the plan but had some concerns, while 10 did not support the plan. All submissions (with names and addresses removed for privacy reasons) are available to view online [PDF, 49 KB]

The decision-making process

The schemes being presented to the ITE Committee for consideration will include the two options below:

  • 30km/h speed reduction on the selected route, as consulted on (preferred option)
  • Maintain existing speed limits

 The speed reduction option provides the highest level of safety for all road users and remains the project teams preferred solution. The staff report will be recommending that