More choice for your bins?

Reducing waste is everyone's responsibility. We’re considering providing more choice for your bins. You can choose bin sizes to match your household needs, so you’ll only pay for what you use.

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 15 November 2021 to 12 December 2021

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Consultation has now closed

Between 15 November and 12 December 2021, we heard from over 1000 people about what bin flexibility they wanted. By offering more choice on sizes to meet household needs, and only charging for what people use, with smaller bins costing less and bigger bins costing more, at reduced cost, most people would choose;

  • Larger green bins
  • Smaller red bins
  • Smaller yellow bins

This means that rolling out bin flexibility will require sufficient capacity at our organics plant to process all of the extra green waste, as well as changes to the rating systems and collection processes. As a result, we’re not in a position to consult on city-wide bin flexibility as part of the 2022 Annual Plan(external link)

However, based on the positive support received during the consultation, we are continuing work to determine when bin flexibility could be offered in the future.

It costs us more to dispose of rubbish than to process recycling or organics. While we can sell our recycled and organic materials it does not fully cover the cost of processing them – nothing is free. 

This is why if you choose any smaller bin it will cost you less and bigger bins will cost you more. You can read more about this on Newsline(external link).

Here's what we're proposing:

Go small and save

If you choose to downsize your bins to 80 litres you’ll pay less. If you choose to downsize to three small bins (all 80 litre), or you already have them, you’ll save approximately $50 per year. If you only downsize your red bin you’ll save around $35.

Why offer this?

Offering smaller bins rewards minimising the amount of rubbish, recycling and organics we produce. Processing and disposing material generates greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change.


Big green gets cheaper

If you choose to upsize to a large (240 litre) green bin it will cost you approximately an extra $85 per year, compared with $194 currently charged by our contractor. Choosing a bigger bin will cost you more because there is more material for us to process.

Why offer this?

Offering a larger organics bin helps prevent excess green waste going into the red bin. More organics in the green bin means more compost, and less going to landfill – saving money and the environment.




Big red is planned

You’ve told us you wanted the option of a big red bin – a large (240l) red rubbish bin would cost you approximately an extra $105 per year. Choosing a bigger bin will cost you more because there is more material to take to landfill.

Why offer this?

Offering a larger red bin option helps reduce recycling contamination by providing more space for rubbish so it doesn’t get put into the yellow bin. Having clean, good quality recycling is essential to preventing recycling going to landfill – saving money and the environment.



Clearer rates

This proposal would change the way your rates will be presented, making it clearer for you to see what you pay for your kerbside service. It’s important to know that you already pay for your kerbside bins in your rates now.

Currently, your charges are split into two different rating types so it’s not clear how much you pay for your kerbside service.

To make the costs clearer, we’re proposing that the existing, targeted rate covers all kerbside collection and processing costs. This includes the cost of collecting bins, transporting materials, processing recycling and organics, and disposing of rubbish. Only those using the kerbside system will pay for it.

The option to opt-out

Because many properties in this part of the city will have commercial recycling, organics and rubbish collection they will be able to choose whether to switch to the Council’s kerbside collection or continue to use a private service.

Properties using a private service will be able opt-out of the kerbside collection system and not pay the Waste Minimisation Targeted Rate, by meeting specific requirements. These include completing a waste management plan and demonstrating you have an equivalent three bin (rubbish, recycling and organics) service through a private contractor.  

Next steps

We’re asking for early public feedback now to get the views of the community and whether our residents support this proposal. 

After this staff will analyse the feedback received and make any required refinements to the proposal.

Information on the final proposal will be communicated as part of the 2022/23 Annual Plan consultation next year. 

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