Misty Peaks Management Plan initial information gathering

Christchurch City Council appreciates your comments and suggestions for planning the future of Misty Peaks Reserve. Your input will help us draft a Management Plan for the Reserve, which will determine how the park is looked after for future generations.

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 21 June 2017 to 24 July 2017

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Updated time-frames for formal consultation on the draft Misty Peaks Management Plan:

Report to Banks Peninsula Community Board, seeking approval to consult on the draft management plan - mid - October 2018

Consultation on the draft plan including drop in sessions in Akaroa and Little River - October to December 2018

Separate hearings at Akaroa and Little River  - early 2019 

Hearings Panel report to Community Board  - by mid 2019


Misty Peaks overviewMisty Peaks Reserve

The Council purchased 500 hectares of the former Mt Desmond Station to form Misty Peaks Reserve, which rises to an altitude of nearly 800 metres above Akaroa. Adjoining the privately owned Hinewai Reserve and surrounding the Department of Conservation administered Armstrong Reserve, Misty Peaks Reserve melds together a combined area of nearly 1,700 hectares of land with high recreation and conservation value. The park is close to Akaroa and other local attractions, and easily reached from three main road access points.

The wide range of habitats contained within the park includes lowland podocarp forest and beech forest remnants, as well as sub-alpine snow tussock and unique rocky outcrop flora. It is also home to a range of native birds, lizards and fish, and a number of rare or threatened plants.

Approximately 62 hectares of pasture and indigenous woodland on the Akaroa side is subject to a grazing lease that excludes cattle to reduce stock contamination of the waterway in the Aylmers Valley, this catchment being one of the sources of water supply for the town.

Why have a reserve management plan?

A reserve management plan is a statutory requirement for all parks held as reserves under the Reserves Act 1977. Its purpose is to give direction for the proper management of a park through stated policies, and to highlight any development needs.

Misty Peaks Aylmers

What is a scenic reserve?

The purpose of a scenic reserve is primarily to provide and protect scenic, natural and landscape values, and to allow for public access and use. Misty Peaks Reserve is made up of several parcels of land that are mostly all scenic reserve as defined by Section 19 of the Reserves Act 1977.

Planned project timeframes

Public initial information gathering: 

21 June – 24 July

Misty Peaks SE

Public consultation on draft plan:

October - November 2018


Early 2019

Community Board approval of plan:

By mid 2019



Next steps

After we have gathered comments and suggestions about the future of Misty Peaks Reserve, we will

  • consider all the feedback,
  • draft the management plan
  • invite public feedback on the draft plan

The draft management plan is expected to be completed in late 2017 and public consultation on this to extend into early 2018.


Misty Peaks aerial


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Who to contact

How the decision is made

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