Making small changes can result in a big reduction in your water use. Check out these water saving tips and tricks.

Hold your hoses!

Using a handheld hose to water your garden gives you more control and uses a lot less water.

If you’re using automatic irrigation make sure your system is set up with water conservation in mind! In most cases you don’t need to leave sprinklers on for as long as you think – read the manual or get in touch with an irrigation specialist to see if your settings are water-wise.

Morning time? Watering the garden is fine

Plants need less water when the sun’s not out and the wind's died down. Watering in the morning is one of the easiest ways you can save water.

Shorten your shower

Keep your showers short and sweet. Use a timer or match the length of your shower with your favourite four minute song.  

Slow the flow

Older showerheads often use a lot more water than needed. Replacing it with a modern, low flow showerhead is an easy cost saving exercise. Don’t worry, you won’t lose out on water pressure - modern showerheads use air to create a high pressure experience!

Seek the leak

Dripping taps, showerheads, toilets and leaky pipes could be contributing to your excess water use. Seek the leak and read your water meter(external link) to find out if water is flowing when no water is being used on your property.

Be a one-load wonder

Washing a full load of laundry is the most water-efficient way to do your laundry. Wait until you have a full load that needs a wash before pressing “go” on your machine.

Contain the rain

Installing a rainwater tank(external link) is a simple and inexpensive process and provides another source of water that can be used for gardening, irrigation or washing your car.

It’s written in the star-rating

When buying appliances, look for those with the most stars from WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme). Choosing a water efficient appliance can make a big difference in your water use. Front-loading washing machines use 40 per cent to 75 per cent less water than top-loaders, and they’re kinder to your clothes!