New drinking water sample point bollards are being installed across the city.

Drinking water sample point bollards enable Council to easily monitor the quality of drinking water at various points along the water network.

In the past, water monitoring staff have had to enter private properties to check the water from hose taps. This will no longer be necessary.

The new bollards will not affect household water pressure during sampling, as the bollards are connected to large water pipes in the roadway.    

CityCare is contracted to do the installation and work is taking place between May and July 2022. 

Did you receive a letter from us?

We sent letters to property owners who will have a water sample bollard installed outside their property. 

Work at each site involves excavation of the water main and installation of the bollard, followed by reinstatement of asphalt and landscaping.

The water supply to properties will not be affected during installation, and we’ll work hard to keep any disruption to a minimum.