The yellow recycling bin is collected every two weeks.

What can go in the yellow bin

Yellow lid Recycling bin

  • Paper and cardboard - all clean paper (including shredded paper), magazines, cardboard and up to four phone books
  • Metals - aluminium cans, metal tins (lids in the red bin) and aerosols
  • Glass - clean glass bottles and jars (the lids in the red bin)
  • Plastics - clean hard plastic household containers and bottles (numbers 1-7, lids in the red bin), and supermarket checkout bags.

All items with the exception of supermarket checkout bags must be loose and unsquashed.

What can't go in your recycling bin

  • No disposable coffee cups
  • No small household appliances
  • No drinking glasses or crockery
  • No plastic film, wrap, strap, or newspaper wrap
  • No plastic bags other than supermarket checkout bags
  • No foil or other metal objects including machinery
  • No clothing or shoes
  • No light bulbs or window glass
  • No liquids or food
  • No building paper
  • No coat hangers of any sort
  • No wet paper or used paper towels
  • No CD, videos and cases they come in
  • No bubble wrap
  • No fireworks
  • No dead animals/pets
  • No polystyrene/meat trays

Use the Wheelie Bins App to find out what goes in each bin.