Hazardous waste is waste that can be dangerous to human health, property or the environment if it is not properly managed.

These items must not be put in any wheelie bins. Some items are accepted at EcoDrops, however there are several items that require specialised advice.

Hazardous waste

  • Asbestos (only accepted at Metro Place EcoDrop), visit www.asbestosaware.co.nz(external link) for more information
  • Gas bottles
  • Solvents e.g. turpentine, and solvent-based paints
  • Agricultural chemical waste and containers
  • Explosives including fireworks, flares and ammunition
  • Mercury
  • Medical sharps

Hazardous waste does not include wood painted with lead-based paint, treated timber, household batteries (dry cell or gel batteries) or household smoke detectors. Although these materials contain potentially hazardous elements, the risk to human health and the environment is small and they can be disposed of in your red rubbish bin or at a transfer station. A limit of 20kg or 20L limit can be dropped at an EcoDrop free of charge.

Special waste

Special wastes are commercial or significant quantities of waste that are not hazardous but require special handling during disposal. Examples include bulk grain, decontaminated soil, odorous materials and materials written off or considered unusable by Customs, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries or insurance assessment.

These materials are not accepted at transfer stations and will need to be transported directly to landfill. Contact Canterbury Waste Services to find out about requirements for your specific situation, phone: (03) 359 1800.