Information about EcoDrops and transfer stations. How to dispose of hazardous waste and what to do with demolition waste.

EcoDrop and transfer stations map

For disposing of large quantities of waste or items that are not collected through the wheelie bin service.

Demolition waste

Burwood Recovery Park sorts the city’s earthquake waste and will be in operation until 2017.

Hazardous waste

Can be dangerous to human health, property or the environment if it is not properly managed. These items must not be put in any wheelie bins.

Household chemicals and waste

Drop off household chemicals at a Council transfer station for free.

Biodegradable and compostable products

Christchurch City Council is one of only a small number of Councils that have a kerbside organics wheelie bin collection.

Timber, sawdust and ash

Timber offcuts, sawdust and ash can contain high concentrations of arsenic, a toxic chemical that cannot be broken down.