Owners of more than two dogs over the age of three months must obtain a licence to keep the dogs on any property that is under one hectare (10,000m² / 2.5 acres).

Download and complete a more than two dog licence application

When you apply for a licence to own more than two dogs, an Animal Management Officer will visit your property and check it is appropriate for the number and type of dogs you wish to keep.

Before the licence is approved, all dogs must be registered and microchipped in accordance with the Dog Control Act 1996.

To pay the application fee by credit card, please contact us on 03 941 8999.

The purpose of a more than two dog licence is to minimise the potential for issues associated with having too many dogs on small properties, where neighbours are in close proximity. 

Multiple dog ownership does not present the same issues in a rural environment where there is a greater distance between properties and dwellings, so the requirement only applies to smaller properties.

The licence may be granted, have conditions imposed or be refused at the discretion of the attending Animal Management Officer. 

They will check a number of things, including:

  • there is enough room for the dogs
  • the fencing is appropriate for dogs
  • the dogs are housed appropriately
  • there is dog-free access to the house.

They may also offer advice on how to minimise the potential for the dogs to bark, howl or otherwise cause a nuisance. 

More information on the process is contained in the Council's Dog Control Policy and Bylaw 2016.