Tennis courts

There are a number of public tennis courts located in parks around Christchurch.

These tennis courts are open for public use.

Some of them may be used at certain times by local community clubs but all should be accessible out of these times.

Please contact us on 03 941 8999 if you find any of these courts locked during public hours.

Park Type of court Location Comments
Akaroa Recreation Ground 2 full 28 Rue Jolie, Akaroa   
Ataahua Domain 1 full 2543 Christchurch Akaroa Road, Ataahua  
Avondale Park 1 full 16E Mervyn Drive  
Avonhead Park 1 full 146 Hawthornden Road  
Awa-iti Domain 3 full 4313 Christchurch Akaroa Road, Little River  
Broken Run Reserve 1 full 4 Broken Run  
Centennial Park 2 full 42 Sparks Road  
Cholmondeley Reserve 2 full 104 Ernest Adams Drive, off Main Road, Governors Bay  
Donnell Sports Park 1 full 40 Brooker Avenue  
F W Delamaine Park 1 full 1 F W Delamain Drive  
Forgan Reserve 1 full Forgan Lane/Marsack Crescent  
Francis Reserve 1 full 7 Penruddock Rise  
Hagley Park North 5 full Armagh Street car park, off Rolleston Avenue These tennis courts are located off the Armagh Street car park. Te Kura Hagley Park Tennis Club operates in the courts off the Riccarton Ave car parking area.
Halswell Domain 1 full 33 Edward Stafford Avenue A combined tennis and netball court located next to the other netball court, and adjacent to Halswell Tennis Club.
Heathcote Domain 2 full 20 Port Hills Road  
Hillsborough Park 1 full 22 Bishopsworth Street  
Jeffreys Reserve 1 full 18 Jeffreys Road  
Kirk Park 2 full 48 Waipapa Avenue, Diamond Harbour This court is shared with Diamond Harbour Tennis Club who play on Thursdays at 6.30pm (during daylight savings only) and Sundays at 9.30am. The court is open to the public outside of these hours.
Kirk Reserve 2 full 64 Kirk Road Located in the car park area of Templeton Community Centre.
Le Bons Bay Domain 2 full 962 Le Bons Bay Road, Le Bons Bay  
Limes Reserve 1 full 460 Prestons Road  
Linwood Park 2 full 252 Linwood Avenue This court is used for interclub competitions on Saturdays, October to March.
Little Akaloa Domain 2 full 72 Lukes Road, Akaroa  
Merivale Reserve 1 full Rugby Street  
Old School Reserve 1 full 172 Major Hornbrook Road  
Ouruhia Reserve 3 full Chenery Ave, off Marshlands Road  
Queenspark Reserve 3 full 210 Queenspark Drive  
Sheldon Park 5 full 10A Tahi Place  
Six Silvers Reserve 1 full 168 Milns Road  
Spencer Park 1 full 100 Heyders Road  
Spencerville Reserve 1 full, 2 half 6 Heyders Road  
Stallion Reserve 1 full 10 Stallion Avenue  
Tautoru Park 1 full 30R Valiant Street  
Templeton Domain 1 full 36 Bailey Street  
Wainui Domain 2 full 19 Wainui Valley Road, Akaroa  
Woolston Park 1 full 502 Ferry Road  


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