Since 2016 more than 2800 short-term projects and events have occurred across the regeneration areas. If you're interested in using this land for a short or one-off event, or for projects for up to five years, you're welcome to apply.

Apply to use the regeneration areas

You can express your interest or apply to temporarily use any of the regeneration areas in Southshore, Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor, South New Brighton, the Port Hills and Brooklands.

If you have already filled out an expression of interest application or talked with a staff member about your project, please fill out the application form below:

We'll then help get your project or temporary land use up and running.

What you need to know

Land ownership

Ownership of all of the former residential red zones has now been transferred from the Crown to the Christchurch City Council.

We are now responsible for all short-term leases and licences. If you previously held a licence with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and wish to continue, please re-apply.


Types of transitional land uses

We can grant three types of access to the regeneration areas:

  • Access authorities - grant access to land, such as if you need to carry out works on a neighbouring private property and you need to cross the former residential red zone.
  • Licences – these are typically granted if you want to use the land for one-off events.
  • Leases – we tend to grant leases for projects and initiatives.

Examples of activities

  • Community gardens: Community groups have successfully established community gardens for the locals to plant and harvest vegetables and meet for social events.
  • Recreational activities, for example disc golf and radio-controlled trucks.
  • Sports events and festivals: Apply through our events here: Event permits : Christchurch City Council ( link)

What about permanent land uses?

Enquiries or requests to use the land permanently are subject to a different process. It’s important to point out that decisions on short-term activities don’t signal any intentions or decisions about permanent land use.

For enquiries or requests about permanent use this form: Express your interest in using the regeneration areas : Christchurch City Council ( link)

Applying for a temporary land use

All transitional or transformative projects should:

  • create vibrancy and support regeneration by improving the environment
  • experience and activity in the area,
  • address sustainability or ecological issues

As part of your application you will need to provide a:

  • Map or image of the area you wish to use.
  • Health and safety management plan.
  • Public liability insurance certificate
  • Incorporation certificate if you are a society or trust.

Apply to use transitional land here.(external link)

Governance and guides

The Council has established an interim co-governance committee to oversee future land uses in the regeneration areas. A permanent co-governance model is still being developed.

The Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor Co-Governance Establishment Committee has adopted a new framework to assess any Council-led projects planned for the former residential red zone.

The new assessment framework will be used as a sounding board for future projects. View it here. [PDF, 93 KB]

You can also find a link to our residential red zone land use policy here.(external link)

For more information on governance, contact David Little, Red Zone Manager on

Current activities being considered

3 Leading Light Lane, Governors Bay

We have received an application from Andrea Wild to lease an area at 3 Leading Light Lane for ten years, for the purpose of a chicken run and native planting. Conditions include any permanent planting to be carried out under advisement from Council.

Email by 5pm Tuesday 4 June 2024 if you have any feedback on the proposed activity.

392A Estuary Road, Southshore

We have received an application from Avon-Otakaro Network Inc.  to lease an area at 392A Estuary Road, Southshore for five years, for the purpose of a community garden. The network is umbrellaing this project on behalf of local residents, under the project name 'The Shore Māra Kai'.

Email by 5pm Tuesday 4 June 2024 if you have any feedback on the proposed activity.

Glenarm Gardens @ 9-11 Glenarm Terrace

We have received an application from Dallington Residents Association for five years, for the purpose of a community garden. This is the continuation of activity previously permitted under a LINZ lease. 

Email by 5pm Tuesday 4 June 2024 if you have any feedback on the proposed activity.

123 McBratneys Road, Dallington

We have received an application from University of Canterbury working in partnership with ŌTĀKARO LIVING LABORATORY TRUST for ten years, for the purpose of installing a 10m tower with weather monitoring instruments. This is a new activity.

Email by 5pm Monday 17 June 2024 if you have any feedback on the proposed activity.