After its beginnings as a Victorian home with an English-style garden, Risingholme historic homestead has re-emerged as a much-loved park and community centre.

Risingholme Park

The house dates from 1864 and the property was gifted to the city as a park in 1943. That same year the building took on a second lease of life as a community centre.

The garden of Risingholme features a collection of mature trees, including English oak, cypress, beech, Atlantic cedar, Lebanon cedar, deodora cedar, wellingtonia, Spanish chestnut, scarlet oak, ash and Canadian hemlock. There are also plantings of native trees, collections of shrubs and herbaceous borders. A formal rose garden stands in front of the old homestead.

Facilities for use by the public include a children’s playground, plenty of seating, toilets and a drinking fountain. A hall and several smaller rooms are available for hire in the community centre.

Visit Risingholme's website(external link).

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