Duncan Park Circuit Track

An enjoyable circuit track around Duncan Park that offers lovely views out over Christchurch.

Start Duncan Park car park, or the Ferrymead Pony Club entrance, off Port Hills Road 
Finish Same as the starting point
Distance 2 km
Time 45 minutes return
Dogs Dogs must be leashed in this reserve. Horse riders and livestock may be present.

Start in the Duncan Park car park and follow the track through vegetation.

Early on the track offers options to take Mary's Track, a shorter 900m circuit on this side of the park that heads uphill to meet the main track before coming back down again. 

To stick to the main track, continue along the main path to the left until you find the fence line and follow this for some time uphill. The track eventually cuts right before the pine stand and zig zags through restoration planting before emerging in the centre of the park.

Head uphill until you come to a stile which you need to climb over. At this point, be sure to stop and enjoy the lovely views out of over Christchurch. To continue on the circuit track, cross the 4WD track and head into the bush.

You can also turn left and walk up to Linda Woods Reserve(external link) which is being developed by the Summit Road Society and offers a number of walking tracks. 

The rest of Duncan Park Circuit Track continues steadily downhill through established native plants until you pop out at the Ferrymead Pony Club.

The walk back to Port Hills Road is fairly straightforward and once you exit the club, head right to return to the main entrance of Duncan Park, crossing the bridge and walking down the lane to find the car park.