Starting at the Sign of the Bellbird on the Summit Road, this walk will follow Ellas Track in Ohinetahi Reserve before meeting up with the Crater Rim Walkway to continue on to the Sign of the Kiwi. Walkers will return to the Sign of the Bellbird via a loop track.

The walk will be led by Paula Jameson (Harry Ell's great granddaughter) and will focus on Harry Ell and the Summit Road Society's efforts to protect the Port Hills.  The walk offers spectacular views of both the harbour and city and provides an ideal backdrop for the stories of this special place.

Harry Ell is recognized as one of Christchurch's first conservationists. It is thanks to his legacy that we have the network of reserves on the Port Hills, the Summit Road and the four rest houses.  The Summit Road Society was formed in 1948 by Harry Ell's grandson, the late John Jameson, to continue this vision to protect and preserve the Port Hills.

The 9km return walk will follow a well-formed tramping track with undulating terrain and some rocky and muddy sections. Walkers need to be reasonably fit, wear sturdy walking/tramping shoes and dress for the conditions.