Join the club and race events with other people throughout New Zealand and the world for one week of every month, without even seeing them when you do your race.

You don’t have to join the club to participate in the events. But if you do you will receive a free Virtual Events Club Luna t-shirt, valued at $39, plus 10% discount on all Virtual Events Club events and be eligible for spot prizes.

Virtual Events Club has a mix of events through to the end of 2020. You can enter these, one event at a time, or enter the series.

When you register for an event we will email you a downloadable race bib with your name and number on it. You will have between the 21st and 28th of the month to complete your race. Simply forward us confirmation that you’ve done the race by the end of the month, with proof of time and distance and we send you out your medal. All race registrations are to be received by the 20th of the month.

The series is for running, walking, mountain biking, road biking and swimming. Virtual Events Club wants to see everyone being active and being rewarded for it. So many of us have lost our events at present and this gives us a way of still getting out and being active. Runs can be done at home on treadmills, if you have the staying power there is no reason why you can’t do the bike rides at home on a wind trainer.

Plus, the bonus, all profits from these Virtual Events goes to the fantastic charity, Ronald McDonald House.