Anyone who has had a drain clogged by it, or found an errant follicle in an otherwise delicious food, will be able to attest to the frustrations hair can bring. When it comes to fashion and gender presentation, hair poses even more difficulties. Do you wear it long? Is that too feminine? What is an acceptable level of hair on various parts of one’s body? Do you shave your face, legs, or even arms? What about those pesky eyebrows?

Too Much Hair combines celebratory stories about gender identity and expression with the power of music. Don't miss this musical paradise for Thems, Femmes, Mens, and everyone in-between!

Featuring: Ania Upstill, William Duignan, Daniel Hudson


'Honestly, it feels like the best house party ever.' – Madelaine Empson, Regional News Wellington

'It's a big, silly party where transness is centred and everyone is welcome.' – Mallory Stevenson, Theatreview