Figures appear and recede during a time of tumultuous change to perform rituals, smash rituals, morph rituals, dance battle and satirise rituals. This offers the power of ritual as an activist gesture underlying our every day and historical relationships that connect, liberate, enslave, revolutionise and stabilise us in a constant state of change as we navigate current global crises.

Responding to the global phenomena of mass crisis, collective resistance, and traumatic effects of a pandemic using performance itself as a ritual through dance, performance art and humour reveals the roles of ritual in our collective and individual self-creation.

Tapping into the unique ability of artists to channel the emotions of current times and express both dark and light, work is performed by a fully female ensemble. Alexa Wilson is joined by Shani Dickins and Alana Yee, with live drumming from Hannah Dactyl (Vox Venus).