A world-class curated programme of world and New Zealand premiere films for audiences to screen at home.

79 feature films and seven collections of short films have been announced. 

This will be a true film festival experience featuring world and New Zealand premieres of films each night. There'll be a virtual red carpet, filmmaker Q&As and we can potentially invite more international guests to present their films to our festival audiences than ever before using virtual means.

Some films will be screened as special one-off events, and many of the films presented will be exclusive to NZIFF and won’t have other New Zealand screenings.

To watch films in NZIFF At Home – Online you'll need to be in New Zealand, have broadband connection and create an account.

Tickets for premiere screenings will be on sale from 10 July, while rental options will be available to purchase from the first available screening date. But right NOW you can set up your account and test your preferred screening options using our test film, browse the films and start planning your Festival with our Wishlist.






The Truth Isaac Theatre Royal 7:30pm


True History of the Kelly Gang Lumière Cinemas 8:15pm


My Extraordinary Summer with Tess Lumière Cinemas 2pm
25/07/2020 In the Name of the Land Isaac Theatre Royal 6pm
25/07/2020 Rurangi  Lumière Cinemas  8:15pm
25/07/2020 Corcus Christi  Isaac Theatre Royal 8:15pm
26/07/2020 While at War  Isaac Theatre Royal 4:30pm
26/07/2020 Girl on the Bridge Lumière Cinemas 6pm
27/07/2020 Exile Lumière Cinemas 8:15pm
31/07/2020 Martin Eden Lumière Cinemas 6pm
31/07/2020 Wendy  Isaac Theatre Royal 6pm
31/07/2020 Ema Isaac Theatre Royal 8:15pm
1/08/2020 The County Lumière Cinemas 2pm
1/08/2020 Before Everest  Isaac Theatre Royal 3pm
1/08/2020 LOIMATA, The Sweetest Tears Isaac Theatre Royal 6pm
1/08/2020 The Perfect Candidate Lumière Cinemas 6:15pm
2/08/2020 Heroic Losers Lumière Cinemas 3:45pm
2/08/2020 Martin Eden  Isaac Theatre Royal 4pm
2/08/2020 The Truth  Lumière Cinemas 6pm
2/08/2020 The Last Wave  Isaac Theatre Royal 6:45pm
3/08/2020 New Zealand's Best  Lumière Cinemas 8:15pm