This summer, local artists and artisans will undertake short-term stays at Heather Straka's Isolation Hotel inside Canterbury Museum.

Each artist will respond to a specially selected taonga (treasure) from the museum collection, reflecting on historical techniques or the influence of a particular period on their work. Our contemporary creatives will also deliver an artist talk and Q&A. 

In this free public talk, local artist Steven Junil Park will join Julia Bradshaw, Senior Curator Human History at the museum, for a lunchtime talk about an object he has chosen from the museum's collection: a brass offering set or Jae-gi (제기) that was used in Korea to make offerings to deceased ancestors in a ceremony known as Jesa (제사).\

They will discuss the Jae-gi, its provenance and how Steven's Korean heritage has influenced his work.

This talk is free to attend but spaces are limited, so please register.