Featuring four stages and an awesome mix of music performed by some of the best-emerging indie, hip-hop, rock and pop bands.  You've got to be there.

Come and discover your next favourite band at Go Live.

  • Printed and digital tickets are both accepted on the night. 
  • Food and drink will be available. Christchurch Town Hall is a licensed venue, and ID will be required to purchase alcohol.
  • Standard venue rules will apply, and bags may be searched by security on entry. See full conditions of entry.
  • Go Live Festival is an all-ages event.

Set times

Get to know the lineup

Tiki Taane

One of the most well-known and diverse artists and producers in Aotearoa (New Zealand), Tiki Taane(external link) (Ngāti Maniapoto / MacDuff) is considered to be an influential element in the pioneering of Aotearoa's bass culture, as well as the country's most prolific genre-bending experimentalist.

First hitting the stage in 1991, Tiki went on to become the live engineer and eventually frontman of Salmonella Dub in 1996, which catapulted Tiki to embark upon a life-changing solo career that saw his music and production skills reach record-breaking, award-winning heights.

Tiki’s 2008 self-produced debut solo release ‘Past Present Future’ achieved double platinum sales and picked up a swag of NZ Music awards.

His beautiful acoustic love ballad ‘Always On My Mind’ rose to #1 and broke two all-time NZ records – it sat in the charts for a record 55 weeks and was also the first-ever NZ digital single to achieve platinum sales.

Tiki has produced multi-platinum, chart-topping singles and albums, not only for himself but for NZ artists such as Salmonella Dub, Six60 and longtime friends Shapeshifter - he’s been their exclusive live sound engineer since 1999.

Renowned as much for his powerful, live performances as he is for the anthems he writes and produces, Tiki’s extraordinary ability to rock the mic as a hype MC, or as a one-man band live looper, or through the collaborations he does with bands and orchestras, is something to be experienced firsthand.

No matter the set he performs, or which country he performs in, the audience is always reminded of the sheer power of Tiki’s ability to unify and connect as he seamlessly delivers a unique performance experience, making him the most diverse producer and performing artist in Aotearoa NZ.

Tiki works alongside his two older sisters as the CEO of his production company and record label TIkidub Productions, which he established in 2006.

Beacon Bloom

Beacon Bloom(external link) is a multi-genre hybrid live act native to Otautahi. 

Uplifting and deeply danceable, Beacon Bloom’s trademark ethereal vocals sit above soaring synth lines and undeniable low-end groove.

Their immersive live shows lead audiences on an emotive electronic journey - all set within the psychedelic Beacon Bloom universe.

Dolphin Friendly

Dolphin Friendly(external link) are an emerging revolutionary soundscape destined to be remembered by their hard-rock anthems, cemented together by a visionary of greater consciousness designed to empower humanity.

Their music holds a firm message against the shadow players of the Earth who break the core values that are intrinsic to the peace of the planet, while also allowing the listener to be taken on a personal journey of the band. 

The band back this up by actively donating 10% of all their tour profits to disadvantaged individuals, communities, or relevant causes in need, with thousands of dollars being donated to issues associated with; chronic illness, mental health, racism, poverty, and sustainability.     

Dolphin Friendly’s live performance quickly become an acclaimed ground-breaking phenomenon for the New Zealand live music scene, with the band relentlessly touring sell-out shows of hard Rock N’ Roll antics, allowing them to quickly climb the ladder to gaining status as one of the best-emerging rock acts of New Zealand.  


ASHY(external link) (pronounced ‘Ahh-She’) is a pop artist and songwriter from New Zealand. She explores sub-genres of R&B, dance and contemporary.

This artist is known for her undeniably catchy hooks, polished vocals, and songwriting ability.

She has amassed over 2 million streams across all platforms, enjoyed chart success and has worked with leading pop producers on both sides of the Tasman.

ASHY has worked with the likes of producers Josh Fountain (BENEE), Ben Wylen (Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande), Liam Quinn (Peach PRC, Ruel, G-Flip, Illy, Rita Ora, Keith Urban) in Sydney and Sam Trevethick (Shapeshifter).

ASHY is set to release her debut EP in June 2023. Featuring releases LA Talk and DND, this ep is set to be a powerhouse of future pop classics

SXSW saw Ashy and her new backing band, Emily C. Browning and Phoebe Hurst, perform 8 shows in Austin Texas, during the event.

These performances have led to talks with US and EU industries which will ultimately lead to substantial international opportunities.

Pool House

Pool House(external link) is a 4-piece indie-rock band from Ōtautahi (Christchurch), New Zealand.

Since bursting into the Christchurch University scene, Pool House has been performing memorable, high-energy shows throughout Christchurch, Dunedin, and Queenstown.

After winning the Canterbury-based DIG THE GIG band competition in early 2022, Pool House secured a free recording deal, music video, as well as a trip to LA in late 2023 to perform with top UCLA bands.

The end of 2022 saw the band release their debut single ‘No Clue’, which has gained over 25,000 streams across different music platforms.

Katie Thompson

Prepare to be captivated by the magnetic sound of alt-country artist Katie Thompson(external link).

With a range that spans from dusky soul to gritty country, you won't want to miss her electrifying performances with her full band.

Katie has already made her mark with three full-length studio albums, including the critically acclaimed 'Bittersweet', which earned her two Tui nominations at the 2020 New Zealand Country Music Awards.

With new releases on the cards for 2023, you can expect an exclusive preview at Go Live.

Tom Lark

Tom Lark (external link)is the original musical project of Shannon Fowler, who also releases material under the Shannon Matthew Vanya pseudonym.

Where SMV allows for pop indulgence, Tom Lark is an outlet for the artist’s indie sensibilities.

Having released two eponymous Tom Lark EPs in 2011 and 2015 respectively, Fowler set the project aside for a period but has returned to his first love, which turns out to be making sunburnt psychedelic folk fit for sensitive cowboys to meander and philosophise to.

Fowler was born in Ōtautahi and relocated to Tāmaki Makaurau in 2012, after a stint recording in Berlin. He works from his Okie Dokie Studio, situated just off Karangahape Road.

There he has produced, co-written and engineered tracks with a delightful collection of collaborators, including Merk, Randa, A.C. Freezy, Belladonna, The Fuzzy Robes, Georgia Lines, and the mysterious Rick Shrimp.


Gibson XCVIII(external link) was formed out of a desire to make easy-listening music.

Gibson XCVIII captivate their followers with their catchy hooks, eloquent guitar riffs and a captivating live sound.

With their lyrics pertaining to everyday life and the human condition, this is an act you do not want to miss.

Pieces of Molly

Pieces of Molly(external link) are from Christchurch, New Zealand and were formed in 2012. 

The band is made up of Ewen Glasgow (vocals and guitar), Doug Stewart (bass), Sam Kubiak (guitar), and Kurt Fleming (drums).   

Since their creation, they have gone on to release 1 album, 2 EPs and 8 singles including Spirit Man, Dead Sky and I Don’t Wanna which gained them air time on radio stations The Rock and Radio Hauraki. 

Alongside delivering spectacularly high-energy gigs on tours across New Zealand and Australia, Pieces of Molly have also played well-known festivals across both countries such as River Range, Mojo Burning, and Dead of Winter. 

In 2022 they also completed a 12-date tour of Australia and NZ with Californian rock legends Sasquatch.


Mousey(external link) is the project of Christchurch songwriter Sarena Close.

With a strong sense of melody and emotionally raw sincerity, Mousey cherishes the art of communicating the human experience above all else.

She is inspired by local artists Aldous Harding, Tiny Ruins, and Anthonie Tonnon, as well as Big Thief, Lomelda, and Eels. And yet her sound defies the restrictions of genre and her music provides a unique and powerful insight into this wonderful and confusing world.

In 2022, Mousey released a new album titled My Friends. Having recently signed to Native Tongue Music Publishing and multiple songs from the record spending a number of weeks firmly at the top of NZ’s Alternative Airplay charts, she shows no signs of slowing.

As a live act, Mousey has played headline tours in New Zealand and Australia and opened for acclaimed artists such as The Beths, Reb Fountain, The Chills, Princess Chelsea and more.

Her performances are characterised by her faultless vocals, her multi-instrumental musicianship and raw emotional energy.

Mim Jensen

Mim Jensen(external link) has been prolific in her local live scene for years, her shows packed with energy and emotion.

Her songwriting about love, loss, soaring highs and sweeping lows is as relatable as they are captivating.

Alongside her band and fuelled with heartache-filled harmonies and destructive lead guitar lines, their shows are a sweeping spectrum of indie rock and passion that are not to be missed out on.

Her recently released single Germaphobe is the first from her debut album due out in 2023, alongside a tour of the country to support the release.

Con Carne

Con Carne(external link) is a rock band like no other, hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand.

These modern rockers came together through a shared love of fierce guitars, pounding drums, and hoppy beverages.

Fronted by the talented singer-songwriter Mark "Dills" Dillion, whose voice spans genres from country to blues with passion and potential.

Matt Johnson drives the band on and off the stage, while David Mckinnon holds down the bass with meticulous precision.

And with Moses Robbins shredding on the guitar like it's an extension of his own body, the band's sound is a recipe of nourishing soul food.

Con Carne is all about inclusivity and creating a safe space in the music industry for all. So come rock out with Con Carne and taste their infectious energy.

Big Sima and Boomtown

Political, raw, and unapologetic, all expressions you could use to describe Big Sima(external link)’s music, the epitome of what a true student of the art of rhyme looks like when entrenched in the patterns and delivery of a modern-day poet laureate. 

Stories of addiction, racism, childhood trauma and conversion therapy are just some of the themes you will encounter when listening to his new album.  But don’t get it twisted, the production is far from what you would expect, enlisting one of our country's most groundbreaking producers in Tiki Taane.

After four years of hard mahi together at ‘Tiki Dub Solar Powered Studios’ in sunny Papamoa it seems the duo have finally released Sima's debut LP (much to critical acclaim), aptly named ‘Stereotypes Of A Polynesian Misunderstood.’ Out worldwide across all platforms, this is indeed Big Sima's 'magnum opus'.

With a strong focus on rocking festival stages over the past two years, Big Sima has been fortunate enough to play a host of NZ festivals from, Soundsplash and Electric Avenue to Summer Sounds and Go Live.

Big Sima is back in 2023 alongside the seven-piece band Boomtown.

Thank you Radio Hauraki 106.5FM, NZ On Air, RDU 98.5FM, Three Boys Brewery, Dig The Gig, Mortlock McCormack Law, Crown Plaza Hotel Christchurch, Sole Music Academy for supporting Go Live Festival.