Paul Millar discusses Sturm's emergence as a key literary figure and Pearson's production of the novel, Coal Flat.

J.C. Sturm was 20 years old and the only Māori on campus when she entered Canterbury University College in 1948 to study anthropology under the noted social psychologist Ivan Sutherland. The same year Bill Pearson, 26 years old, recently returned from the war and secretly homosexual, enrolled at Canterbury University College to complete his MA in English Literature. In this talk Paul Millar discusses the friendship that developed between the two in Christchurch during 1948.

Speaker biography

Paul Millar is Professor of English Literature in the School of Humanities at the University of Canterbury. He is the author of No Fretful Sleeper: A Life of Bill Pearson, and is currently editing the collected works of J.C. Sturm.

Max 50 attendees: Pre-booking recommended.