Free to the public with support from the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

Belle is an exhibition-style performance event that utilises and harnesses the skills of exceptional aerial specialists in collaboration with dance artists, performed with live music by Anita Clark (Mot) composed in collaboration with brothers Eden and Jol Mulholland. 

Known for her innovative projects across Aotearoa and direction on the World of Wearable Art, director Malia Johnston collaborates with fellow artists Rowan Pierce (Performance Design), Jenny Ritchie (Aerial Choreography and Design) and an exceptional all-female cast to bring this unique performance exhibition to Christchurch, funded by CNZ. 

Belle takes its name from the French word libellule (dragonfly) and is also the name of the show's unique purpose-built piece of circus apparatus. The dragonfly is symbolic of transformation.

In Belle, transformation is created with sculptural light portals and AV where the performers appear and reappear as if by magic.

Belle invites you into a transformative experience where you will get to observe aerial choreography in a unique way - you will discover the physics of light and the physics of strength in motion.

You will be guided to various locations in the space to observe the work.

There are a strictly limited number of spaces per night, so get in quick.

Belle will operate at Covid Level 2.