This fund supports events that enhance regional and local Christchurch as a place to live and visit. The fund has been set up as a one-off to support city and community activations.

Apply for the Special Events Sponsorships fund

The Special Events Fund is now open for events held before 30 June 2021.

Applications close 31 May 2021 or when the allocation of funds is exhausted.

Please note: If you submitted an application to the Events and Festivals Sponsorship Fund 2020/21 the event will be considered ineligible to apply to the Special Events Fund.

Only applications for funding support of $5,000 and above will be considered. Please email the Events Partnerships and Development Team before you submit an application to check eligibility and availability of funds.

Before you apply for the Special Events Sponsorship Fund from the Christchurch City Council, please make sure you:

  • Talk to a member of the Events Partnerships and Development Team before submitting your application.
  • Read this guide carefully to ensure you fully understand the eligibility requirements, assessment criteria and any post-event requirements.
  • Prepare and provide all relevant information, including the budget, to support your application.

When you submit your application, you will receive an automated response. If you do not receive this, please go back and check your information.

To be eligible to apply for support from the Special Events Sponsorship Fund, the event and/or event organisers must meet the following criteria.

  • Only applications for funding support of $5,000 and above will be considered.
  • The event must be within the Christchurch City Council boundaries.
  • The organisation responsible for the event must be a legal entity and must be able to provide evidence, such as:
    • a trust
    • a company
    • an Incorporated Society
  • The organisation must have no outstanding debt owing to Christchurch City Council or any Council-controlled organisations.
  • The event must have clear start and finish dates and must not be a programme of multiple events.
  • The event/organiser must fully declare any additional Council, local board or Council-controlled organisation funding, grant or koha/ donation for the event.
  • The event cannot have already taken place prior the date the application is made.
  • If the application is for a sporting event, the event must be officially recognised by the national body of that sport.
  • The applicants must comply with all Christchurch City Council’s regulatory and statutory requirements relating to the preparation and delivery of the event, including obtaining all necessary permits and consents within the allowable timeframes.
  • The event must be held within the planned timeframe.
  • If the application is successful, the applicant must sign the Council’s Terms & Conditions [PDF, 146 KB] in the form of a contract.

Please note: All events securing sponsorship through the Special Events Sponsorship Fund will be required to hold up-to-date public liability insurance, which covers the proposed activity in the proposed location.

Events not eligible through the Special Events Sponsorship Fund

  • If you applied to the Events and Festivals Sponsorship Fund 2020/21 you will be ineligible for application to the Special Events Sponsorship Fund for the same event.
  • In cannot be used for “second-bite” funding if a project has been declined in other Council annual funding rounds.
  • Private functions, lunches or dinners.
  • Events where the primary purpose is to promote religious, ministry or political objectives.
  • Events that denigrate, exclude or offend parts of the community.
  • Any conventions, conferences, trade shows or exhibitions.
  • Events that present a hazard to the community or pose a significant risk to the public or council.
  • Any event that has or intends to apply for other Christchurch City Council or ChristchurchNZ funding or grants for any areas of your event.
  • Events that have already been held.
  • Biennial events will only receive funding on the year the event is being held.

Event-related costs not eligible for support through the Special Events Sponsorship Fund

  • For the purchase of alcohol.
  • For staff salaries and/or wages.
  • Stock or capital market investment.
  • Capital costs.
  • Payment of fines, court costs, IRD penalties or retrospective tax payment.
  • Purchase of insurance cover.
  • Purchase of vehicles and any related ongoing maintenance repair, overhead costs or road user charges.
  • Rent or accommodation costs.
  • Service or maintenance costs including utilities such as power or phone.
  • Any retrospective costs.
  • Overseas travel.
  • Debt servicing or refinancing costs.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Prize money or entrance fees.
  • Payment of any legal expenditure including costs or expenses related to mediation disputes, ACC, Employment Tribunal, Small Claims Tribunal, professional or disciplinary body hearings.
  • Money to be redistributed as grant funding, sponsorship, bequests, donations, to aid funding or aid to other recipients.
  • Events that have breached previous funding agreements with the Council, including post-event reporting criteria, and where no commitment has been made to rectify this.

Eligible applications are prioritised for support from the contestable Special Events Sponsorship Fund based on criteria. The support provided by the Council is based upon the assessed benefits of the event on the city as a whole.

A balanced calendar of events

  • Event is during the seasonal low points such as Autumn and Winter.
  • Is unique to other events in the City.
  • Fills an identified gap or priority such as:
    • Event held in Central City location.
    • Profiles Christchurch and its diverse venues and open spaces.
    • Is not directly duplicating a similar event or parts thereof in the city.
    • Youth-focussed events.

Positive community benefits

  • Brings people together to share memorable experiences.
  • Provides an opportunity for participation in recreation and sports activities.
  • Encouraging local talent to emerge and thrive.
  • Cultural expression and engaging with the current and new diverse communities.
  • How events can work together to share resources.
  • Capability building of community organisations.

Amount of community support, involvement and/or active partnerships in the event

  • Through partnerships grow and strengthen networks and opportunities to share kaupapa Māori.
  • Commercial sponsors.
  • Associated community, city or national organisations.
  •  Volunteers.
  • Non-government organisations.
  • Charitable trusts.

Economic impact

  • Stimulates economic activity.
  • Leverages opportunities for Central City businesses/hospitality industry.
  • Attracts visitors to the Central City and boosts the economy.
  • Supports outcomes from Central City Action Plan relating to events.
  • Profiles the city to a national audience.

For an existing event, how effectively the event has been run in the past.

Event budget

A detailed budget outlining all event expenses and income is an essential part of the application for funding. Budget information should be based on quotes from suppliers you intend to use.

Ensure you include all the relevant regulatory costs involved in your event, such as resource consent fees, costs for the preparation of traffic management plans by an approved contractor, building consents etc.

Please note that the Council will not fund some event-related costs – refer to Ineligibility criteria.

Company details

You must provide the structure and details of your company or a full list of trustees who are responsible for the governance of the trust and owner of the event.

Once funding has been approved, successful applicants will receive a sponsorship agreement. This is a formal contract which outlines what is expected of event organisers and the amount of sponsorship the Council is granting. The sponsorship agreement will also outline the post-event reporting requirements for event organisers.

  • The Special Events Sponsorship Fund is capped. The Council is not obliged to grant all of its fund in any year, nor to carry over unallocated amounts to future years.
  • Christchurch City Council has the right to share application details within all units of Council and to consult with them on applications.
  • The Special Events Sponsorship Fund is limited to events and will not be applicable to conventions, conferences, trade shows and exhibitions.
  • The applicant should detail in their application any actual or potential conflict of interest (including anything which might have the appearance of a conflict of interest) which could compromise the decision on the application or bring the process into disrepute.
  • All applicants must disclose to Christchurch City Council any other central government or local government funding sources for the event (either confirmed or in process), as well as any corporate or commercial sponsorship arrangements.
  • Applicants must not directly or indirectly seek to influence Christchurch City Council’s funding decisions in any improper or unethical manner (or in any way which might have the appearance of being so), nor attempt to solicit or garner non-public information from Christchurch City Council which might give an unfair advantage in the application process.
  • Each applicant warrants that all information provided in relation to its application is true and correct in all material particulars, at all times, and is not misleading whether by omission or otherwise. Each applicant must disclose all matters likely to be material to Christchurch City Council’s consideration of its application or which might have a bearing on the outcomes the council expects to be delivered from the funding.
  • If circumstances or information changes after making an application, or after the council awards funding, the applicant must immediately notify Christchurch City Council.
  • Each applicant consents to Christchurch City Council carrying out due diligence on its application, including the organisations and personnel involved, and relevant track records. The applicant consents to Christchurch City Council making due enquiries from third parties in this regard, and shall provide access to referees upon request.
  • Additional terms and conditions of funding are contained in the Funding Agreement contract [PDF, 146 KB] which all successful applicants must sign.