Christchurch City Council recognise that national and South Island events produce economic benefit to the city therefore established the Small Sports Events Fund.


The Christchurch City Council plays a significant role in the development, support and provision of events in the City including sponsorship and grants for events in Christchurch. In December 2006 the Christchurch Events Strategy 2007-2017 was developed, providing a framework of using community and major events to contribute towards Community Outcomes and Council Strategic Directions as outlined in the Long Term Council Community Plan.

The Small Sports Events Fund has been established to assist national and South Island sporting events and activities that meet certain criteria. (Note that funding is not available to International events through the Small Sports Events Fund however, National events that attract international participants and Trans-Tasman events will be accepted).

Please note that the average level of support provided through the Small Sports Events Fund ranges between $500–$1500.


Events will need to meet minimum requirements in order to qualify for funding. When determining eligibility for funding, consideration will be given to factors such as participant numbers (from outside Christchurch) and the duration of the event.

  • The sporting event/activity must be longer than one day and involve at least one night's accommodation in Christchurch City.
  • More than 80 participants/officials (from outside of Christchurch) must be registered in the event.
  • The application must come from an incorporated society (non-commercial) e.g. sports association or club.
  • The event must be a national or South Island event (excludes international events however, a national event that attracts international participants or Trans-Tasman  events will be accepted). Priority will be given to national/Trans-Tasman events in the first instance.
  • The event must be held in Christchurch (Christchurch City Council boundaries). Council may consider an event/activity where participants are staying in Christchurch but the competition is elsewhere e.g. Lincoln, Pegasus.
  • Only top level national/South Island sporting events will be considered e.g. Senior/Masters/Premier/Elite.
  • The event is not eligible if it has received funding from another Council source.
  • Successful recipients must have Public Liability Insurance to the value of $2,000,000.00. Funding can be revoked if an organisation fails to provide proof of insurance.

Visit the community funding section to find out more about other funding opportunities if your event is not eligible to apply to the Small Sports Events Fund.

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