This plan describes the goals and actions the Council will pursue in the development and production of community events in Christchurch.

The Community Events Implementation Plan: 2019 - 2023 [PDF, 1.7 MB] accompanies the Events Policy Framework. The Events Policy Framework’s vision was to create a more vibrant city through memorable events. To achieve this, the Framework sets a number of high level goals for events in the district, including:

  • A well-balanced and coordinated calendar of events to create a more vibrant place year round.
  • That Christchurch enhances its reputation as an events-friendly city; it becomes known as an easy place to hold events with a smooth and efficient consenting process.
  • A range of socially inclusive events reflect the diversity of people and communities in Christchurch and assist in the city’s regeneration.

Development of the plan

In order to achieve those goals, a review of current Council practise was undertaken to identify which areas would require further focus. The following areas were identified:

  • Events produced by Council’s Events Production and Community Recreation Teams. 
  • Sponsorship and support provided to third party events – ensuring those selected compliment a well-rounded events calendar (e.g. a variety of event types, for a variety of audiences, in a variety of locations, spread across the seasons). 
  • Making Christchurch a more events-friendly city - focusing on enabling events and streamlining the permitting process for event organisers.


Three goals have been developed for this implementation plan which will help achieve the high level goals of the Events Policy Framework and move us towards its vision of creating a more vibrant city through memorable events.

  1. Provide a diverse and well-rounded programme of Council produced events at a regional, local and community level (‘well-rounded’ means a variety of events, for a variety of audiences/participants, in a variety of locations, across all seasons).
  2. Events supported through Council funding schemes contribute to a well-rounded city events calendar.
  3. Make Christchurch a more events-friendly city.

Actions have been developed under each goal, with key tasks and timing noted. The Community Events Implementation Plan outlines a five-year programme of work, with a three-year review in line with the Events Policy Framework.