Temporary Road Closures for Duvauchelle Hill Climb and Little River Hill Climb

The Council has approved the temporary closures of the following roads, for the following events, on the dates and times shown below.

Duvauchelle Hill Climb

Road to be closed:

  • Pigeon Bay Road, between 75m North of Duvauchelle Stock Route and 75m South of Summit Road

Period of closure:

  • From 8am to 7pm Saturday 16 October 2021

Little River Hill Climb

Road to be closed:

  • Kinloch Road, between 1300m North of Bossu Road and 100m South of Okuti Valley Road

Period of closure:

  • From 9am to 6pm Sunday 17 October 2021 

These closures are to be made under paragraph 11(e) of the Tenth Schedule of the Local Government Act 1974. The closures will apply to all vehicular traffic with the exception of emergency service vehicles, and vehicles directly involved with the events.

No resident access will be available during the period of these proposed closures.


J Daly.

Council Secretary