Reserve at 210 Roydvale Avenue

Proposed revocation and sale of part of a reserve 210 Roydvale Avenue, Christchurch.

Steve McCarroll - Property Consultant

The Christchurch City Council proposes to revoke the reservation over a small portion of reserve at 210 Roydvale Avenue comprised in Identifier CB47B/756 by the deduction of a 4 metre strip of reserve land having an area of 322m2 along the northern boundary and if approved sell the land to the adjoining owner. The reserve at 210 Roydvale Avenue is presently 44 metres in width and has an area of 3581m2. Should the revocation be approved the land would reduce in width to 40 metres and then would comprise an area of 3259m2. Council also proposes to add an area of approximately 3466m2 to this reserve following the recent sale of 218 Roydvale Avenue.

Persons or organisations who wish to make a submission or object to the proposed revocation and sale of the land must do so in writing by 5pm on Friday 17 July 2015 to the address below. Submitters should state if they wish to appear before a hearings panel.

For more details about the proposed revocation and sale, including a site plan, please contact:

Steve McCarroll - Property Consultant
Christchurch City Council, PO Box 73015,Christchurch 8154
Phone: 941 8581