Rawhiti Domain - Proposed new lease and licence

Public notice is hereby given that the Christchurch City Council is considering granting to the Christchurch Archery Club Incorporated a lease and a licence over separate areas of land held within Rawhiti Domain.

The proposed occupations on Rawhiti Domain (Sec 2 SO 491011, Record of Title 732600) are each for a period of up to 33 years, including all renewals, and comprise, in accordance with the requirements of:

  • Section 54(1)(b) of the Reserves Act 1977, a ground lease over an area of land approximately 783m2 for the purpose of premises, including existing clubrooms and the addition of a new adjoining building, for an indoor archery range.
  • Section 54(1)(d) of the Reserves Act 1977, a licence to occupy over an area of land approximately 813m2 for the purpose of periodic exclusive use as a car park. 

Rawhiti Domain is administered by the Council as a recreation reserve subject to Section 17 of the Reserves Act 1977. 

Further information on the proposed lease and licence, and developments, can be found on the Council website ccc.govt.nz/HaveYourSay.  

To obtain further details about the proposals, please contact Derek Roozen, Senior Network Planner Parks, phone (03) 941 8798 or e-mail derek.roozen@ccc.govt.nz.

The public is able to submit objections or suggestions on the proposed new lease or licence, as provided for by Section 54(2) of the Reserves Act 1977. 

Submitters should state if they wish to appear before a hearings panel to be heard in support of their submission. 

Submissions should be made in writing no later than 5pm on Monday 9 March 2020. 

You can do this

  • e-mail engagement@ccc.govt.nz;
  • mail (no stamp required) to Freepost Authority No. 178, Tessa Zant, Senior Engagement Advisor, PO Box 73016, Christchurch 8154;
  • hand deliver to Civic Offices, 53 Hereford Street.

J Daly