Notice of Hearing

Independent Hearings Panel - Christchurch Replacement District Plan

Chapter 1 Introduction (part) and related definitions (excluding strategic outcomes sections 9.1 and 9.2) and chapter 2 definitions (part)

Date: 13 July, 14 July and 15 July 2015
Venue: Hearing Room 1, Independent Hearings Panel Venue, 348 Manchester Street, Christchurch

This notice serves to notify submitters to these two Chapters of the Hearing on these matters (and interested members of the public). These matters are to be heard together.

The Hearing will be held between 10am to 5pm each day, unless otherwise advised. An Indicative Hearing Schedule will be pre-circulated by email and available on the website ( (external link)(external link)) setting out times for parties to attend. The Hearing Schedule is subject to change. Submitters should arrive early and make themselves available for the full morning or afternoon they are scheduled to speak.

Submitters to these Chapters who indicated in their submission that they wish to be heard have been sent notification of this Hearing. Those submitters have been advised that they are required to RSVP to the Secretariat ( by 4pm, 29 June 2015.

The Panel issued directions following the Pre-Hearing Meeting as to the conduct of the Hearing. These are set out in the Pre-Hearing Report and Directions, which is available on the website.

Submitters are urged to check the website for updates, and contact the Secretariat on phone 0800 242 4040 or email if they require any further information.

The Panel wishes to remind submitters of the availability of the Friend of Submitter Richard Ball, to assist with process matters,