The Christchurch City Council recognises that residents along waterways may be concerned about child safety, pet control, privacy and security, and therefore fencing may be necessary.

Example of a problematic fence built across a waterway

The Council recommends:

  • Integrating properties with the adjacent natural waterway environment by using plants as an alternative to fencing; screening for privacy and security can often be effectively achieved through creative use of plants
  • When fencing is required for children’s safety, security or containing pets, the Council recommends see-through swimming pool style fences, mesh or post and wire fences, and board and batten styles, with 75% or more openness
  • Fences must never be built across waterways.

A consent or approval may be required to erect fences within the Christchurch City Council waterway setbacks. Please contact a duty planner and the surface water planning engineers for advice.