This fund invites applications from community groups organising initiatives in Canterbury that support and grow social cohesion for Christchurch communities affected in any way by the events of 15 March 2019.

Make an application to the Community Activation Fund

Recognising that recovery is a long-term process, this fund provides support for community initiatives that improve community safety, participation, inclusion, and social cohesion for communities affected in any way by terror attacks.

Grant applicants are encouraged for initiatives that proactively:

  • Support women and/or children.
  • Increase people’s sense of safety and wellbeing.
  • Increase community participation and empowerment
  • Grow the connections between communities and encourage integration.
  • Build hope.

Grants tend to be no more than $1,000 per project, though larger grants can be made for projects that demonstrate they will have a large, positive effect and align with the priorities above. 

If your project requires more than $1,000 please email or call Lynette on 03 941 6585 before you apply.

What we can't fund

Grants cannot be provided towards:

  • Salaries or administration costs.
  • Events that have already taken place.
  • Regular events that would not typically require grant funding.
  • Activities that intend to generate profit.
  • The promotion of commercial, political, or religious objectives.
  • The purchase of alcohol.

Applications are open to any Christchurch-based group that is an incorporated society, charitable trust or limited liability company registered for charitable purposes.

Informal groups may also apply. Individuals are not able to apply.

To apply

  • Fill in our online application form.
  • The average turnaround time from submitting an application to getting an answer is three weeks.
  • An organisation or group is limited to two active funded projects at a time. Groups can apply for a third project once satisfactory Project Reports are submitted (see Reporting below).

Grants are available for upcoming initiatives that require short-term, quick response funding.

Funds must be spent before 1 July 2022 or within six months of receiving your grant, whichever is later.

Grant recipients are required to complete a project report at the completion of the funded project.

This accountability report must be completed before any further applications will be accepted from your group/organisation.

If for any reason your project doesn't go ahead you may need to return the funds.

Complete a project report

This fund is provided by the Ministry of Social Development and is jointly managed by the Office of Ethnic Communities and Christchurch City Council. 

Further help is available by emailing or phone 03 941 6585.

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