Residential consent activities

Building in the high flood hazard management area

Information about the rules and consent process for building a house in the High Flood Hazard Management Area

Character areas

Residential neighbourhoods are distinctive from their surroundings and are considered to have a character worthy of retention.

Decks and fencing

Your rights and responsibilities if you are wanting to build a deck or fence on your property.

Home occupations

Information about specific planning requirements if you are wanting to work from home.

Minor residential units and family flats

Planning requirements for building a small residential unit on your residential zoned property.

Older person's housing units

Information about the planning requirements for older person's housing (OPH).

Providing visitor accommodation in a residential unit

Information about the planning rules for renting out a house for guest or holiday accommodation within Christchurch and Banks Peninsula.

Residential intensification

Increasing the availability of residential accommodation, without changing the overall character of residential areas.

Tiny houses

Information on building codes, zoning and consent issues for tiny houses.