As well as an application form there are a number of other documents and considerations before you submit your resource consent application.

The information requirements for resource consent applications are set out in Section 88(external link) and Schedule 4(external link) of the Resource Management Act.

In summary, a complete resource consent application must include:

  • A completed and signed application form.
  • Plans and other details of the site and proposal.
  • A list of the ways in which the proposal does not comply with the District Plan.
  • An assessment of effects on the environment.
  • Other supporting documents relevant to your particular proposal, for example, written approval from affected neighbours, or a certificate of title.
  • An assessment of how your proposal fits with the objectives and policies in the District Plan and the purpose of the Resource Management Act. Note: This is usually not needed for straightforward applications.
  • The required fee/deposit, payable after an invoice has been issued.

Subdivision consent applications must also include a plan showing:

  • The position of all new boundaries and the areas of allotments.
  • Existing and new reserves and access strips.
  • Areas to be set aside as new roads.
  • Areas of land within rivers, lakes and the coastal marine area.

The amount of information that needs to be provided depends on the proposed activity and the complexity of the application. 

It must be sufficient for the Council to understand the effects of the proposal and decide whether consent should be granted.

Otherwise, the Council may return your application due to insufficient information being provided.

Resource consent applications can be complex so you may wish to consider engaging an experienced professional, such as an architect or planning consultant, to prepare and submit the application on your behalf.

Information checklists

Refer to our land case consent application checklist [PDF, 147 KB], or the subdivision checklist included at the end of our subdivision consent application form.

Specific guidance is also available on landscape plan information requirements.