Land rezoned in the Greater Christchurch area during the last 18 months will provide sections for more than 20,000 households in coming years.

Indications from developers are that there will be up to 6600 greenfield sections released on the market during the next two years, about 3170 of which will be in Christchurch City. The majority of these will be in the south west and Belfast areas, the two areas identified in the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy(external link) as best able to accommodate future urban growth and development.

This map indicates where future development is to occur within Christchurch and at what stage of the planning process these developments are at. These areas do not have subdivision consent and may not yet be zoned for residential development. For more information refer to Making land available for housing.

Infrastructure availability

Indication of infrastructure availability and other potential constraints is identified in this document [PDF, 37 KB].