An authority letter and authority card issued by the Christchurch City Council is required before you can enter any Council owned confined space.

The authority to access Council services confined spaces is only granted once you have completed the following NZQA Unit Standards:


  • 17599 – Plan a Confined Space Entry
  • 25510 – Operate an Atmospheric Testing Device to Determine a Suitable Atmosphere Exists to Work Safely
  • 3058 - Perform gas tests for an energy and chemical plant

Note: You must complete unit standard 17599 along with either 25510 or 3058.


  • 18426 – Demonstrate Knowledge of Hazards associated with Confined Spaces
  • 19207 – Enter, Work in, and Exit a Confined Space in the Water Industry
  • 17596 – Safety Observer
  • 25044 – Wear and Operate Compressed Air Breather Apparatus in the Workplace (mandatory if using BA equipment).

To maintain your authorisation, completion of refresher courses once every two years are required for these standards.

Send a copy of your up to date confined spaces training certificate, showing the unit standards completed, to:

  • Post: Confined Spaces, City Services, Christchurch City Council, PO Box 73014, Christchurch 8154
  • Email:

Council protocol for entering and working in confined space

If you are not working under an established Permit to Work system approved by the Council (City Care Ltd or Fulton Hogan), you must follow the Council protocol for entering and working in confined spaces [PDF, 731 KB] and AS 2865:2009 Confined Spaces for all confined space entry.