All temporary road closures must be advertised in advance, and pre-works signage warning the public of the proposed road closure is required.


All temporary road closures must be advertised in advance via the following channels:

We will post the notice on our website, and notify AA Roadwatch and 0800 JAMMED.

These public notifications must be placed at least 7 days in advance of the closure.

Newspaper adverts for event

Proposed road closures for events require two newspaper advertisements:

  • The first advertisement provides information about the proposed road closure, and offers affected parties an opportunity to lodge objections
  • If no objections are received, or none are upheld, the second advertisement informs the public of the road closure.

The Council buys newspaper advertising space each month. This space is used for public notices and announcements, including advertisements of proposed road closures for events. If you submit your application at least the specified number of days in advance for the closure type (8 or 12 weeks), the two advertisements required are included in this advertising space, and the Council is responsible for the advertising costs. For example, if the road closure is Type 1 (low to medium impact), and you submit your application at least 8 weeks before the event, the Council places and pays for the advertisements.


All road closures for road works or capital works require pre-works signage warning the public of the proposed road closure. Signage must be installed at least 7 days before the closure, and located in accordance with the approved temporary traffic management plan.

Display of pre-closure signage

Pre-closure signs must be displayed if indicated on the approved Traffic Management Plan (TMP). All signs must be erected a minimum of 7 days before the closure, and removed on the day the road closure ends.

Standard signage specifications

  • Constructed from reflective materials
  • Have minimum dimensions of 1200mm high x 1200mm wide
  • Specify the location and duration of the road closure, including times of day
  • Include contact details of the relevant persons or company, including after hours contact details

Sample sign

The example below shows a suitable pre-closure sign

temporary road closure sample sign

Notification letters

You are required to deliver notification letters to affected properties in the immediate area of the road closure.

Notification letters must be delivered at least 7 days before the road closure.

Before you deliver any notification letters, you must submit a copy of a completed letter to the TMC for approval.

You can submit this letter with your application form and temporary traffic management plan.

Temporary Road Closure for Road Works - Notification Letter Template [DOC 35KB]

Temporary Road Closure for Events - Notification Letter Template [DOC 35KB]