The building code defines hoardings as 'structures alongside a public way providing side protection but no overhead protection'. They are required to secure work sites and provide for the adjacent safe passage of pedestrians.

Creative hoardings: a toolkit for rebuild teams

creative hoardings

Hoardings have an increasing presence in our public areas as we rebuild following the earthquakes. Their size, solid construction and interface with the street impact significantly on the way people experience the city.

The look and feel of our city could easily become visually dominated by temporary hoardings, graffiti and signage. Hoardings can, however, be enhanced with an integrated and creative design to improve their appearance and add interest.

We encourage hoardings that benefit both the development and people's experience of the city, and we have created a toolkit to assist developers, architects, project managers and contractors when planning the appearance of hoardings.

Rebuild Hoardings Design Guidelines

The Rebuild Hoarding Design Guidelines [PDF, 293 KB] outline seven design principles for enhanced hoardings, explain the benefits of these and provide guidance on ways to implement them.

The guidelines do not prescribe construction methods or materials, or constrain corporate branding. Instead the guidelines recommend hoarding designs that integrate the following:

  • Creative, playful and engaging
  • Visually define the site
  • Include large scale images
  • Showcase your team
  • Provide public viewing of the construction if appropriate
  • Consider the history, present, and future of the site
  • Include wayfinding if appropriate

Rebuild Hoarding Design Guidelines [PDF, 293 KB]

creative hoardings

Hoarding fee rebate incentive

Hoardings that follow the Rebuild Hoardings Design Guidelines may qualify for a rebate of up to 100% of the fees for temporary use of legal road (TUOLR).

The terms and conditions of this rebate are outlined in the TUOLR Fee Rebate Application form [PDF, 85 KB].

Send completed applications to

Additional information

If you would like information about contacting local artists, an example artist brief or an example artist contract, please email

Examples of creative approaches to construction hoardings: (external link)

Artists may wish to consider the Enliven Places Projects Fund.

Coming soon...

We're working on creating hoardings artwork that can be downloaded and used for free. These templated hoardings designs meet the design guidelines and will automatically qualify for a waiver of TUOLR fees. 

Even if a hoarding isn't located within the road, the free access to, and use of, these templated designs will improve the look of construction sites and encourage a positive public experience.