St Johns Street - Woolston Village Upgrade



Road closure on St Johns Street as part of the Woolston Village Upgrade to allow our teams to work safely and continue sewer works on Ferry Road.


To renew the underground sewer network, the first part of this work involves renewing the existing sewer network, which is badly degraded.


St Johns Street, between Glenroy Street and Ferry Road between Portman Street and St Anne’s School.


Work will start Monday 17 August 2020 and is expected to be completed by Friday 18 September 2020. Work will be undertaken between Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.*


Phone Haidee Scott, Communications Advisor on 027 665 4007 or email Phone Brian Jackson, Senior Project Manager on 027 453 6403 or email, please phone between the hours of Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.


By closing this section of road, we’ll be able to access and replace the existing sewer pipe more quickly. Right now, work is going more slowly than planned because the sewer pipe is deep and the ground is very wet and of poor quality.

If we keep working with one lane of traffic next to our work site, it would take us between three and four months to put the new sewer pipe in on St Johns Street.

We now need to ‘dewater’, or suck water out of the ground to make it dry enough to work in, and install a ‘raft’ foundation (large stones wrapped in geotextile material) under our new pipe to make sure it doesn’t sink.

Dewatering pipes and pumps take up a lot of space and closing the road will allow us to finish this section of work, quickly and safely.

A detour route will be in place via Portman Street and Glenroy Street (refer to map on the right).


What we are doing 

We’re upgrading Woolston Village and Ferry Road from Portman Street to St Anne’s School. The upgrade will include new sewer and stormwater pipes, new trees and plants, new footpaths, signalised pedestrian crossings and additional street furniture. Work is gearing up - we now have four teams working in Woolston Village:

  1. The team are replacing the sewer pipe on Ferry Road (currently working past St Anne’s Church)
  2. The team are replacing the sewer pipe on St Johns Street
  3. The roading and streetscaping team are removing the old kerb and channel (gutter) and footpath alongside the Ferry Road team
  4. The pipe lining team are working at night to line the sub-main in the footpath on the southern side of Ferry Road and the lateral pipes which connect it to the main.


What's coming up next

Sewer Works

The team replacing the sewer pipe on Ferry Road will finish soon next to St Anne’s School. We had planned for this team to go back to the intersection of St Johns Street and Ferry Road and start laying the new pipe west, however we’ve discovered telecommunications cables above the planned location of the new pipe, so while our engineers are working on a solution to get around this, this team will start work elsewhere.

Roading and streetscaping works

Over the next two weeks the roading and streetscaping team will continue removing the kerb and channel and footpath on Ferry Road between St Johns Street and St Anne’s School. They’ll also do some more potholing (day works) to identify underground services and will put up some signage directing people driving to the free car parking behind the community library.

*Please note that all dates and locations of work may change, and are subject to favourable weather, on-site conditions and sub-contractor availability. Civil infrastructure work is complex; when issues arise work may stop in one area and start in another to keep work progressing. 


Woolston Village upgrade project details: