An overdimension (or oversize) vehicle or load is one that exceeds one or more of the maximum dimensions allowed for standard vehicles. To drive an overdimension vehicle or load, you need an overdimension permit.

large concrete slab on truckThe standard dimensions of vehicles, loads and how much loads can overhang are specified in the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule 2016(external link)

However, the law also provides for occasions when loads and vehicles exceed the standard limits. There are four categories(external link)(external link) of overdimension vehicles and loads.

In some cases you must apply to NZTA for an overdimension permit(external link) which sets a number of requirements including:

  • Pre-travel route checks.
  • Required permissions, eg from railway operators vehicle lighting emergency service notifications.
  • You may also have to engage one or more suitably qualified load pilots to supervise the journey. There are two classes of load pilots, each requiring different levels of training.
  • More about the detailed requirements for pilots and for overweight and oversize vehicles(external link)

Get an overdimension permit from the Overdimension Permit Issuing Agency by calling 0800 683 774.

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