We want safer intersections for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Intersection safety is everyone's responsibility - make sure you do your bit to be onto it at intersections.

Intersection safety is an issue on Christchurch roads due to a range of factors including high traffic volumes and challenging intersections.

Over the past five years, there have been 393 serious crashes at Christchurch intersections. This is mainly due to drivers failing to give way and poor observation.

Stop on red

Do your part to ensure our roads and communities are safer by stopping at red lights and slowing down at orange lights, where safe to do so. Running a red light is illegal and dangerous. 

Red light cameras

To deter red light running, we've installed red light cameras at the intersections of:

  • Gasson Street, Madras Street and Moorhouse Avenue.
  • Manchester Street, Pilgrim Place and Moorhouse Avenue. 

Police monitor these cameras and issue infringement tickets of $150 for drivers who run red lights.

Work is underway by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency(external link) to identify potential future camera sites.