If you're attending an event at Hagley Park you should think about how you are going to travel there.

Hagley Park

Public car parking is not permitted on grassed areas of Hagley Park, including the sports fields at Carlton Mill Corner.

The sports fields are undergoing an upgrade this summer (2016-17) to improve their quality and useability for sport. This work includes extensive re-levelling as well as the installation of irrigation. As a result of this upgrade, public car parking on the grassed area during events will no longer be available. This is to prevent damage to the ground and trees.

If you are travelling to a large event in Hagley Park this summer make sure you check out www.tfc.govt.nz(external link) to help plan your journey.

Hagley Park events map

Hagley Park events map

Illegal parking

Illegal parking in no stopping areas such as grass berms or across private driveways is not allowed and you could be fined up to $40. Your vehicle might also be towed, and you would have to pay to recover it.

Chains and bollards are being installed around the berms in Little Hagley Park to prevent illegal parking. Illegal parking behaviour creates a safety hazard as cars reverse into on-coming traffic.

Hagley Park - no stopping area

Hagley Park - no stopping areas

Parking tips

Hagley Park is a busy place and finding a parking space can be challenging so you may want to consider these parking tips.

  • Look out for signs that advise where you can and can't park.
  • There are a number of parking areas within walking distance of fields that have designated, controlled crossings where you can cross safely. Have a look at our Find a car park page and map to find the most convenient parking areas next to the area of Hagley Park you need.
  • Leave home a bit earlier than usual to allow more time to find a parking space.
  • If you have to walk to your sport field, make sure you use appropriate footwear – change into your sports footwear once you arrive at the field.

Hagley Park is a wonderful asset and the Council wants you to enjoy using it.

Thank you for helping care for our park, and for the safety of others.

Your Parking Compliance Team is always willing to help answer your queries, for more information, phone (03) 941 8741 or (03) 941 8999.