Getting to work

Reduce your parking hassles, save money, reduce time spent in traffic and contribute to making the city a better place to live.

As our central city evolves, we have a great opportunity to make it a cleaner, safer, more efficient and more pleasant place to be. It benefits you, the community and the environment by reducing local and global pollution.

Contact us if you have a question, want to learn a little more or have an idea for how we can improve things.


Cycling to work, even once or twice a week, may be a great alternative to driving a car. It benefits you, the community and the environment.

E-scooters and e-bikes

E-scooters and e-bikes have become a popular way to get around Christchurch.

Take the bus

While on the bus you can check emails, social media, read, listen to music, or just relax and clear your head without having to deal with traffic jams, road works or finding a car park.


You can walk almost anywhere and you’ll soon discover that it makes you feel fit and healthy.


Carpooling is cheaper, fun and environmentally friendly.


Motorcycles and mopeds are great fun and can be a cheaper transport choice.

Free city travel planning

Moving to the central city? We offer free travel advice and assistance for organisations, businesses and staff.