Le Race route

Track status: Open

Start: Cathedral Square, Colombo Street, Central City.

Finish: Rue Lavaud, Akaroa.

Description: Start at Cathedral Square on Colombo Street. Ride along Colombo Street to Dyers Pass Road, and up to the Sign of the Kiwi. Turn right on Summit Road heading south to Gebbies Pass.

Turn right and descend down Gebbies Pass Road. On the flatter section, turn left into Millers Road.

Turn left onto Christchurch Akaroa Road. Follow this busy, winding road through Little River Township, Cooptown, and make a 30-50 minute ascent to the Hilltop.

Turn left on Summit Road and continue along the undulating Summit Road until its intersection with Long Bay Road. Turn left onto Long Bay Road and follow this steep grade down. Be careful and watch your speed - you will re-join the Christchurch Akaroa Road. Turn left and you in the Akaroa Township on Rue Lavaud.

Note: Stay the night in this interesting town that caters for tourist or organise a friend to take you back rather than repeat the ride in reverse.

Takiuru ki ā mātou ratonga
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