Marley Hill track (flying nun)

Start: Top of Worsleys Road, Port Hills.

Finish: Summit Road, Port Hills.

Overview: The track has alternate routes for the more daring with high bermed corners. Jumps are scattered along the track with easier lines alongside.

Access: Park at the Sign of the Kiwi and bike 2km south-west along the Summit Road. Turn right onto Worsleys Road and bike for 400m to the start of track.

Signage: At the start.

Description: Gradually climb up a 4WD track for 400m then turn right onto the Flying Nun track to start.

Some boulder/bedrock sections with wooden platforms require slower speed.

It's an easy ride up Summit Road to the beginning of the track for a double shot of action.

Note: Do not ride this track uphill. It has been designed and built as a down hill ride.