Lava flow track

Start: 500m along the Bowenvale Traverse track from the Huntsbury end.

Finish: Bowenvale Ave car park.

Access: Ride from Victoria Park car park along Bowenvale Traverse track. The fastest access is from the end of the Bowenvale Traverse track. Ride the Bowenvale Traverse track for approx 500m towards Victoria Park from the Mt Vernon end.

Signage: At the start.

Description: The track starts on the right about 100m past the first cattle stop. 

Make your way along a boulder strewn single track for approximately 500m before a steep descent which takes you into Bowenvale Valley. 

The track passes through tussock land with great views into the Bowenvale Valley.

The last part is on a shared-use track. Please give way to other users.

Note: Punctures are common. Make sure you've got a good back tire or spare tubes.