Bottle Lake Forest mountain biking

Great tracks through pine forest for all the family.

Located in Bottle Lake Forest Park, off Waitikiri Avenue, Burwood. 

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, the mountain bike tracks wind through the 1000 hectare pine forest. The terrain is mostly flat but towards the coast planted sand hills provide some challenge. 

E-bikes (pedal assist) are welcome on the tracks but please be aware of other track users and keep to a safe speed. Motorbikes and quad bikes are not allowed on the track.

Download a map [PDF, 1.5 MB] showing all recreational tracks in the forest, or collect one from the Bottle Lake Forest Visitor Centre.

View opening hours, facilities and other recreational activities.

Safety tips

  • Don't stop in the middle of the track, or block throughways, especially around blind corners. If you need to stop then pull over to the left, some cyclists are going at considerable speed and cannot stop at short notice.
  • Stick to the left unless you are passing. 
  • If you need to pass other riders, announce yourself and how many others will be passing after you - 'Behind, two riders'.
  • Keep a careful eye on children if other cyclists need to pass, they can behave unpredictably if confused or surprised. 
  • Do not walk on the cycling track. There are multiple dedicated walking tracks available.
  • Do not ride the track the wrong way. There are numerous signs directing the flow of cyclists, it is dangerous to ignore this.


  • Dogs are allowed in the forest but they must be under effective control.
  • Take plastic bags so you can clean up after them and don't let them get in the way of mountain bikers.
  • The north-south forestry roads are named alphabetically towards the beach (Apple, Bravo, Charlie)
  • The east-west avenues are numbered sequentially, starting from 10th by Spencer Park to 28th by Parklands
  • There is no drinking water in the forest. Take a water bottle, sun block and something to eat to keep your energy levels up
  • Call 111 immediately if you see smoke or fire