The Suburban Parking Policy was adopted by Council on 28 February 2019.

Our suburban streets play an important role for both residents and the city as a whole. They provide space for people to move around the city, green space, places to meet and socialise, and they often provide parking. This creates competing demands for public space.

The Suburban Parking Policy provides a framework to manage and address parking-related issues in our suburban areas. This policy outlines a Christchurch-wide strategy, excluding the Central City, on how to address these competing demands for public space in suburban streets and council car parks.

It aims to provide more innovative and consistent solutions to parking issues that make suburban areas more pleasant and cohesive places to be. It also seeks to balance the needs of people travelling through suburban centres and those living, working and socialising in those areas.

This will shape how the Council manages parking issues in individual areas where parking issues are identified.